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Made from one of the world’s most advanced technical yarns, Megmeister’s innovative DRYNAMO fabric is the secret to ensuring our base layers lead the field in terms of quality, comfort and performance.

It is unlike anything you have ever touched before – much warmer and stronger than traditional natural or synthetic fibres. It is always dry on  the skin and completely anallergic.

Our DRYNAMO base layers are designed for sportspeople of all ages and abilities who demand the best in performance technology. They are lightweight, odour free and feature 100% seamless construction.


Drynamo’s low specific weight means high levels of thermal insulation can be achieved with much lighter garments – meaning you need less layers to keep warm. Boasting the lowest thermal conductivity of any fibre, DRYNAMO provides the best possible insulation against the outside environment - ‘breathing’ to remove sweat from the skin to ensure you stay warm in winter and cool in summer.


Many other fibres don’t allow the body to breathe properly, blocking the body’s normal perspiration process altogether or, at best, allowing it to function for a limited period only. DRYNAMO is different. During light sports activities it controls the flow of perspiration vapour to keep the body’s thermal regulation system well balanced and the skin dry. Where higher levels of physical effort are involved, it transfers sweat from the skin to the surface of the fibre and onwards to the outside of the fabric and into the environment. It does this quickly and efficiently.


Drynamo is incredibly strong. It stands up to scraping and tearing just as much as nylon and much more than other synthetic and natural fibres. It isn’t subject to the ugly “pilling” effect caused by rubbing. It can be exposed to light and heat for long periods without altering.


DRYNAMO baselayers do not absorb water and always stays dry, giving you a constant feeling of comfort on your skin. This is made possible by the microfibre’s high surface tension which ensures that water, damp and perspiration are carried outside the fabric where they can quickly evaporate.


Drynamo features a breathable barrier which insulates from the outside world whilst transporting sweat from the inside out. This insulating, protective barrier which 'breathes' - ensures that the skin stays dry as well as warm in winter and cool in summer.

Moisture Management

For athletes where high levels of physical effort are involved, Drynamo transfers sweat from the skin to the surface of the fibre and onwards to the outside of the fabric quicker and more efficiently than any other sports fabric.


When it comes to performance apparel, seams are the enemy. Megmeister garments are created in one single piece that fits naturally to the body to optimise movement and comfort.

Body Mapping

Functionally zoned open mesh holes are mapped directly to the heat zones of the body providing breathability and cooling where needed and keeping the body temperature stable.


Drynamo is hypoallergenic and antibacterial (no-odours), making it ideal for performance garments worn next to the skin.


Drynamo is so effective and durable yet so lightweight that athletes hardly know they're wearing it while they concentrate on their performance.


When you are training or competing your body needs to be adequately protected, and if it isn’t, you can experience muscle cramp, inflammation, overtiring, and difficulty expelling lactic acid and metabolic waste.

Megmeister’s compression shorts, developed with scientists over 4 years including hundreds of hours of testing in laboratories, feature zoned compression designed to protect athletes from groin and hamstring injuries and promote post exertion recovery.

By increasing blood flow and support for key muscle areas such as the glutes, quads and hamstrings whilst at the same time ensuring maximum flexibility,
durability, power and comfort, Megmeister’s compression wear is ideal for many active sports including running, football, hockey and training.

– Faster warm up
– Prepare muscles
– Reduce risk of injury

– Supports muscles
– Less injuries due to minimised muscle oscillation
– Increased strength and stamina
– Reduced fatigue

– Increased blood flow
– Reduced swelling
– Reduced muscle soreness
– Muscle repair