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Posted on June 01 2018

The megmeister baselayers are incredibly comfortable and breathe well during training and racing. The shirts fit neatly and are therefore very comfortable. They are the finest shirts I have worn so far.

Cathalijne Hoolwerf 




Megmeister dominates the sweat

Megmeister let your body breathe when it matters

Megmeister don’t sweat

Megmeister loves your sweat

Megmeister promotes your efforts

Megmeister takes care of my body

Megmeister takes control of your temperature

I am glad that Megmeister wants to support women’s cycling. The Base Layers are made of an extremely fine technical yarns.

When you have done a heavy effort, you can recover with the compression socks of Megmeister. They helping us in achieving the highest possible performance! It feels so natural, Megmeister let your body breathe if it matters.


Met vriendelijke groet,
Rosalie van der Wolf




My favourite features of my Megmeister base layer for training and racing are:

+ In the winter when it is cold I put on the Drynamo Warm Baselayer. This Baselayer is nice and warm during the endurance training and during the run-in for the races.

+ Fashionable; I do the Baselayers while cycling, but also in the gym. They have a nice fit that also fits nicely.

+ The moment I put the Baselayers on, I immediately feel that the shirts are soft. This is great because you sometimes have 4/5 hours in a row during the training sessions.

+ The back of the shirts are slightly longer than the front. This is a big plus if someone does cycling. I am bent over all the time and it used to be that my lower back sometimes got cold. Since I have the Baselayers, I no longer suffer from this


Met sportieve groeten,
Sylvie Swinkels


Be the master of all weather with Megmeister

I think the long-sleeved shirts with turtleneck are really nice. I've never been cold again since I wear them. Especially during long training sessions it is nice that the shirt wicks away your sweat and keeps you dry and warm. The summer base layers are extremely lightweight and ventilation in all the right places keeping you dry and cool. I love the fact that the edges are left raw as it sits so much better than finished seams under the jersey and bib shorts. 

Rosemary Ammerla